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Mustang update

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Mustang gained lots of new features recently. It's now complete enough to run lots of real-world Rust programs, with no libc:

See here for instructions on how to port programs to mustang. And if you give it a try, post about your experience here, whether it works or not!

Looking ahead

Currently mustang requires programs be modified to include mustang::can_run_this!() in their main source file, which is very inconvenient. The only way I currently know how to fix that is to teach the Rust toolchain about mustang. Is that the next step?

On one hand, mustang is cool and fun. But a lot of other things are cool and fun too. An official Rust toolchain would involve a lot of work from a lot of people who have a lot of other important things to work on. And for the most obvious use cases, one of the Musl targets would be a better choice, being more featureful and stable and so on.

So mustang is kind of waiting for a sign.